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Evalio® AgriXpert


DuPont™ Evalio® AgriXpert is one of the various digital services being provided by DuPont to support farmers and technicians in their daily work improving the management of their crops. It is our expertise in crop production and weed identification available in an easy and practical on-the-go tool. The application has four different features: 1. Weed search capabilities based on technical parameters that enable the identification of grasses and broadleaves such as the shape of the leaves. After the recognition of the weed you will have access to a detailed weed description including our advice and knowledge in controlling it. 2. Product search capabilities based on DuPont solutions available in the market to help you to control and best decide on your crop protection program. 3. Expert Connect capabilities allow you to submit a picture of a weed not identified in your field to DuPont experts for further recognition and recommendation. 4. Expert Info - News & Advice allows you to be aware of our engagements in your country, our new product launches and our technical expertise in some fields such as Resistance Management for instance.